Task Force

With a solution customized to your business, PHM provides task force assistance with experienced professionals that will meet your needs. This program will enable your hotel to avoid the effects of vacancies that significantly impact the revenue performance of your hotel. While at your property, our consultants will share their wealth of knowledge and experience with your team and an energetic boost to your sales efforts.

We have the bench strength of over 100 Consultants at every level and capacity:

  • General Manager
  • Director of Operations/Rooms Division
  • Director of Finance/Controller
  • Accounting Manager
  • Director of Human Resources
  • Director of Sales/Marketing
  • Sales Manager
  • Director of Revenue Management
  • Revenue Manager
  • Director of Catering/Convention Services
  • Catering Sales Manager
  • Convention Service Manager
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Chief Engineer
  • Director of Food and Beverage
  • Executive Chef/Sous Chef

Trial Placement

PHM provides one of our experienced consultants on a task force basis for a 4-week assignment as a trial period for both the consultant and the hotel prior to making a full time commitment. If at the end of the four-week period you and the Task Force Consultant feel it is a good match, you negotiate together for salary and benefits and PHM is paid a 10% placement fee.

Direct Hire

With our vast network and experience in successfully completing over 12,000 hospitality sales, catering and operational assignments, we are uniquely qualified to find the perfect candidate for any hospitality position.

Lead Qualification

PHM will provide one of our consultants to uncover contacts booking in your area based on the list provided by the hotel. This list should include target accounts, non-producing accounts, lost business reports, reader boards or any solicitation list the hotel may have. Our consultants will both qualify all accounts and forward you a list of accounts that would like more information regarding your hotel and/ or would like to set-up an appointment or a site with one of your Sales Managers. In some cases our consultant identifies the business then turns it over to the Sales Manager or our consultant can book the business themselves. This individual will be based remotely and this service eliminates the time consuming task for your sales staff and enables them to focus their time on selling accounts we have pre-qualified.

New Business Development

Centered on developing new business for your hotel, our New Business Development Program brings about quick results. First, we send one of our top consultants to you for a four-week assignment based at your hotel. This time allows our professionals to devote their full attention solely towards soliciting and closing new business. The prospects we seek are a combination of accounts uncovered by our researchers and leads from the hotel from lost business, reader boards, underperforming accounts and beyond.

Our team then follows up on these accounts for a six-month period to ensure we close every possible prospect. The most attractive selling point of this program is that we price the entire package, including four weeks at the hotel, researching accounts, setting appointments and the follow-up, at a very affordable fee.

Sales and Catering Audit

Sales and Catering consulting is our bread and butter. We thrive on offering support services that help create a consistent stream of business to your hotel. Our sales and marketing consulting services include:

  • On-site visits
  • Daily calls with our Director of Sales
  • Review of all sales reporting documents
  • Assistance in replacing vacant sales positions through our vast network of hospitality sales professionals
  • Creating sales action plans
  • Restructuring and repositioning sales efforts
  • Increasing brand transient and group sales production
  • Revenue and yield management analysis

Our catering consulting services include:

  • Complete and thorough competitive analysis
  • Menu development and creation including specialty menus
  • Catering action plans
  • Establish ROGR, RSFMS and Catering Free Sell Guidelines
  • Implement catering policies and procedures
  • Conduct on-site visits, review monthly reports and catering pace
  • Restructuring and repositioning catering efforts to maximize revenues

Asset Management

PHM’s Asset Management team uses its vast experience to assist owners and management companies to maximize the value of each asset.  Our teams years of experience in asset management for virtually every type of hotel and brand uniquely qualifies us to generate new revenue and cost saving ideas that increase your bottom line.

To give you an idea of how we use a hands on asset managed approach, below is a brief overview of our detailed services through this program:

  • Monthly detailed P/L conference calls with the executive committee of the hotel and the senior management representative for the hotel.
  • Review of both the operational P/L and end-of-month sales report from an owner’s perspective.
  • Accountability from both the property and management company responsible for both top and bottom line performance.
  • Quarterly reviews on-site to inspect the on-going condition and service levels at the hotel.
  • Complete availability from us to any individual department head or sales manager that has an operating deficiency needing correction.
  • Analysis and development of capital plans from an owner’s perspective to determine whether any capital expenditures will deliver an acceptable rate of return.
  • Successful negotiation of significant waivers from hotel brands for new brand standards when those standards did not deliver an acceptable return.
  • Create prime positioning of properties for sale.

The entire focus of our Asset Management program is that all expenditures boost the value of your hotel through increased operating results or enterprise value, or through elimination of expenditures. We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences with you and your management company.